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Microbiological Testing

Be It a hotel, or a restaurant, a corporate canteen, a hospital mess, School or a college canteen, or a local manufacturer, Customer loyalty and people safety is always on high priority. To understand what can retain customer loyalty and safety...

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Water Testing

Water for drinking passes through a long pipe line which has not been changed for a long time. This makes it susceptible to bacterial contamination. In addition heavy metal contamination due to leaching effect has long term consequences on our health...

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Nutritional labelling

Nutritional labelling can provide a lot of information. Whether you are a manufacturer or exporter, we help you understand what parameters are important for your product to get a better grip to your customer. Get more details on click of below button...

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Shelf life Analysis

Shelf life of a product is the period of time over which a food maintains its safety as well as quality as per the prescribed conditions of storage, distribution channel and use. So validation of shelf life is very important for food manufacturers...

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